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Lone Star Legacy Bass - Overton Fisheries Signature Strain

Lone Star Legacy Bass represent our "signature-strain" of Florida Largemouth Bass.  These unique golden bass were acquired from a local private lake that is famous for producing monsters weighing 10#-15#.  Our Legacy Bass breeding stock were acquired direct from this private lake, and even more breeders were produced from fingerlings out of the Lunker Breeding Program.  These fish have a golden shine across the back, heavy mottling pattern, and many individuals exhibit a blue-green mark on their upper back near the head.  If you have a new fishery anywhere in the southern states, stock these genetics for the potential to grow monsters.  If you have an existing fishery and want to introduce Legacy Bass, consider growing out fingerlings to larger size in a separate grow-out pond before transfer.  These fish have a true legacy in the Lone Star State of Texas, and you can help to preserve this special premium strain by stocking them in your fishery.  The Legacy Bass are available as fingerlings, from late May - July, and sometimes in the Fall. 

Origins of Lone Star Legacy Bass on Pond Boss Forum

Legacy Bass on Pond Boss Forum 

Legacy Bass on Pond Boss Forum

Florida Largemouth Bass

Florida Largemouth Bass are a subspecies of largemouth bass native to southern Florida.  This subspecies of largemouth bass have the potential to grow to over 10#, have the Florida mottling pattern, and are more of a wild stock compared to northern bass genetics.  Florida largemouth bass are available as fingerlings from late May - July, and sometimes available as advanced size pellet-trained fish in the Fall.  Adult Florida Bass are also available as 1-3lb adult fish, for introduction into existing fisheries.  

Northern Largemouth Bass Fingerlings

Northern largemouth bass should be stocked in fisheries where high catch rates take priority over trophy bass productions.  Northern strain largemouth bass are more of a domesticated stock, they have been trained to readily take pelleted fish food, and they are relatively easy to catch.  Northern largemouth bass are available in a wide variety of sizes up to adult 2# fish.  

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Legacy Bass Fry.  See the Gold?  

Legacy Bass Fingerling.

Legacy Bass Young of Year, picked for future breeding stock

Lone Star Legacy Bass Breeding Stock