Glazener Hybrid Stripers - Signature Strain

Glazener Hybrid Stripers are relatively new to the list of appropriate private pond and lake stocker fish.   Thanks to veteran fisherman and close friend George Glazener, we are now producing and promoting Hybrid Stripers as a viable sport fish for lakes and ponds across Texas.   Glazener was an expert fisherman with many years of Texoma striper fishing under his belt. He was also credited for development of the "Glazener Spinster" fly and the use of jig-hooks for fly-tying. About 10 years ago, Glazener was told by TPWD sources that hybrid stripers would not be good candidates for private pond stocking. Glazener challenged this assertion, and thanks to his vision and support, we were convinced to devote resources aimed at raising hybrid stripers to advanced sizes for pond and lake stocking. We will forever recognize and appreciate the contribution that Glazener made to the stocking of hybrid stripers in private waters.  RIP our good friend George..

The Hybrid Striped Bass is a fantastic sport fish option for most ponds and lakes. They will outfight, pound for pound, most any sport fish in the pond.  Our hybrid striper, also referred to as Sunshine Bass,  are the result of a cross between a striped bass male and a white bass female. Hybrid stripers are trained on floating fish food, live for up to about 5-6 years, and can easily grow to over 5 lbs in your pond or lake.  Some of our clients have produced hybrid stripers around 10#.  Successful natural reproduction does not occur with hybrid stripers in small lakes and ponds.  We recommend stocking these fish to help prevent the overpopulation of bluegill or crappie, to add diversity and spice to the sport fish population, and to maximize winter-time fishing opportunities. Hybrid stripers are fast top-end predators, schooling and feeding on forage fish and high protein fish food even throughout a typical Texas winter. Hybrid Stripers are Todd Overton's personal dinner-plate favorite. Stocking rate is typically 50-100 fish per acre.  If interested in stocking hybrid stripers in an existing bass fishery, you need to choose 8"+ size fish for good survival rates.

Glazner Hybrid Stripers Feeding