Channel Catfish

Channel catfish are well suited for most aquatic environments.  These fish will thrive in most ponds,  and they are ideal for muddy farm ponds.  Raising channel catfish in ponds and lakes is considered to be fairly easy, as they readily consume pelleted fish food, grow very fast, and are quite hardy.  Channel Catfish should be managed as put and take fish: stock em, grow em, catch em, eat em, restock em.  Channel Catfish will reproduce in lakes and ponds, BUT in most cases, egg/fry survival is 0% due to predation from other fish.  In some rare cases channel catfish may spawn successfully in ponds if the conditions are just right.  Most people agree that they are a joy to raise, fun to catch, and great to eat.  

Channel Catfish are available from 4"-6" fingerlings up to 1#+ adults.  Stocking rates vary from conservative 50-100/acre rates for low competition in bass ponds, up to 1000/acre in your dedicated catfish production pond.