D&B Strain Blue Catfish - Overton Fisheries Signature Strain

Stocking blue cats in your pond or lake can add sport-fish diversity,  more recreational value, and not to mention, more broken lines and straightened hooks. The D&B strain of blue catfish got its name at the D&B Fish Farm in Crockett TX, which has since gone out of business.  This particular strain of blue catfish was selected and developed for their fast growth and hardiness.  We are very proud to be stewards of this famous strain of blue catfish, and we are one of the very few hatcheries that offer blue catfish.  Blue cats have the potential to outgrow all other fish in your pond or lake, and they fight like a freight train. Most folks (including us) report that Blue Catfish have a better tasting meat than channel catfish.  These premium strain blue catfish are available as fingerling size up to 1#+  adult size, and are stocked at 50-1000 per acre, depending on your program.  We have a cult following for our D&B Blue Cats, and we appreciate your continued interest in these awesome fish!