Black Crappie

Believe it or not, crappie are also members of the sunfish family. Black crappie spawn in the early spring, before largemouth bass or bluegill. This is the main reason, in light of the fact that crappie produce a huge number of eggs, that crappie are not typically recommended in lakes smaller than 10-15 acres. Crappie fry/fingerlings, being the first to hatch off in the early spring, happen to be hungry and waiting when other fish begin to spawn.  

Stocking Crappie in ponds less than 10-15 acres may require a special management program in order to ensure success.  This program may involve stocking threadfin shad or shiners for abundant forage, plus the stocking of hybrid stripers or largemouth bass for crappie population control.  

Black Crappie are available November - May, and we prefer to stock 4"-6" or 6"+ fish in most cases.  Stocking rate for Black Crappie is 100-150 per acre.