Threadfin Shad -  Farm Raised

Threadfin shad are a highly productive, open-water, schooling baitfish that feed primarily on plankton.   Looking for evidence that these fish are a necessity in your lake or pond?....look at almost any public lake across the south, and most have self-sustaining populations of threadfin shad.  Threadfins mature sexually at 2-2.5 inches in length and they begin spawning at 68-70 degrees, producing over 10,000 eggs per female.  Eggs are laid on shoreline aquatic vegetation and hatch in 3-5 days.  

Our threadfin shad are farm-raised.  Beware, most of our competitors are offering wild-caught shad, which may have been taken from public waters that contain zebra mussels or other unwelcome species.  

Stocking rates for threadfin shad are 500-1000 fish per acre.