Redear Sunfish

Redear sunfish are a beautiful type of sunfish fish that should be included in your initial stocking regime, or introduced to your existing fishery. They are listed as a sport fish, because they can reach over 1 lb in Texas and are fun to catch and great to eat. Interestingly enough, these fish grow much larger in the eastern part of the country. Stock redear sunfish in an existing fishery if they are not already established. These fish, also termed shell-crackers, are primarily snail and crustacean feeders, and they will not train to a floating ration of feed. They are an important tool in the management of fish parasites such as the yellow and black grub which can affect bass, catfish, and other sunfish. Since redear sunfish spawn once per year in the spring, they are not as strong of a baitfish producer as the coppernose bluegill. Stocking rate for redear sunfish is 100-200 per acre for new fisheries.