Fathead Minnows  

Fathead minnows are of critical importance for stocking new ponds and lakes. Fathead minnows mature at about 3 inches, or one year of age. Spawning begins when water temperatures warm to approximately 65 degrees and continues throughout the summer. Females produce 200 to 500 eggs per spawn and prefer to lay their eggs on the underside of submerged objects. Females will spawn repeatedly and have been observed to spawn multiple times per year.  Male fathead minnows have dark heads and dark fins when they are in spawning season, and larger specimens have small bumps or nodules on their nose to stimulate females to lay eggs. Females lack these distinguishing spawning characteristics. Fathead minnows essential for stocking new ponds and lakes, but are seldom recommended for existing fisheries.  Typical stocking density in new ponds and lakes is 10-50 lbs. per acre.