Customer Pickup

Make the trip to our fish farm to pick up your pond stockers! Business hours are, Tues-Fri 12-4pm, and Saturday 8am-4pm. Although we strive to keep a large inventory of different species for walk-up clientele, it is a good idea to contact us with your order and make an appointment for pick-up.  

Here you can see the fish before you buy, get quality advice, and browse our selection of products.  Some of our clients pick up fish at the farm from distances as far as Baytown, Beaumont, Kerrville, San Antonio, Waco, Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Livingston. Please don't hesitate to make the trip. Call 1-866-347-4327 to make an appointment.

Here are options for transporting fish from our live fish market:

  1. Bring Your Own Ice Chests. We'll place a special plastic bag liner in your ice chest and seal it with oxygen for up to 8 hours. Large ice chests fit two bags, and regular size ice chests will fit one bag. Cost for each double-bag set-up, sealed with pure oxygen, is $4.
  2. Use our Live Boxes. We package fish with custom live-box containers, at a charge of $7 each, to transport for up to 8 hours. We have been packaging fish with this system for over 15 years with outstanding results. We guarantee live delivery of your fish, packaged in these live-boxes.
  3. Bring your own livewell or hauling tank. We do not offer any guarantee for fish transported with your own equipment.
  4. Too far to Buffalo for you to drive? Consider direct delivery or our hot shot service. Contact us for details.