Water Quality Testing

Consider a water quality test if you.....

  • Have muddy water from suspended clay particles.  If you can rule out physical causes like wind/wave action, cattle, exposed soil around shoreline, mudcats/carp, etc, then you probably have problems with water chemistry. For this test we need 2) 1 gallon water samples in clear plastic water jugs.
  • Have a new lake or pond?  It is important to know your water quality parameters from the beginning, so that you can prepare a management plan. PH, alkalinity, hardness, and turbidity are some basic factors to consider.  Don't stock fish until you know something about your water chemistry.  
  • Are located in East Texas where surface water is typically low in alkalinity and pH.  You may need to lime a new or existing pond.
  • Plan to implement a fertilization program.  It is important to make sure your water has ample alkalinity before a fertilization program is implemented.

To get a water test please send a check for $25 made out to Overton Fisheries along with a water sample of at least 20 ozs to 19367 IH 45 S, Buffalo TX, 75831.

Todd Overton preforming a water quality test