Electrofishing Surveys

An electrofishing survey is one of the most important tools that we use to determine the current overall status of a lake or pond.  If you are the new owner of an existing pond or lake and are ready to get a snapshot of the overall health status then you definitely need to start with an electrofishing survey.  A survey should be performed at least every year for those of you on an active fishery management program.   A complete survey includes the following services:

Sampling of fish using electroshocking techniques.  Our survey process utilizes the most advanced equipment available to stun fish, enabling safe and efficient means of capture for sampling and data recording. Fish are kept in a livewell until weighed, measured, inspected for diseases, etc. "Trash Fish" like mudcats, gar, carp, etc are removed upon request from the landowner, and other fish are returned to the water unharmed. This sampling technique is best for attaining data on largemouth bass, bluegill, shad, tilapia, redear, etc.  Electrofishing is not an efficient means of sampling catfish species.  

Complete Water Quality Testing. We test water for pH, alkalinity, hardness, and visibility/turbidity.  Testing for additional parameters is also available.  

Complete Aquatic Vegetation Documentation. We sample and document every specie of aquatic vegetation. 

Complete Report, summarizing the results of the survey. This report includes the following information: 

*Tabulated Data from the Fish Sampling, list of fish sampled, and brief description

*Relative Weight Indices for all sport fish sampled, which will give you an idea of the state of health of these fish

*Proportional Size Distribution of Largemouth Bass and Sunfish species, to gain perspective on population balance

*List of species of aquatic vegetation, and brief description

*Management plan encompassing custom fishery management needs, fish stocking, fertilizing, liming, clearing muddy water, aeration system design and install, automatic feeder recommendations, harvest recommendations, aquatic vegetation management plan, etc.

*Complete proposal to perform the fisheries management plan

The cost of a survey depends on size of water body and traveling distance.