Clearing Muddy Waters

If your pond or lake has excessive muddy water then you may need professional help.  Unless your pond/lake is on a catfish-growing program, aquatic conditions need to allow for fish to see so that they can find food.  In addition sunlight penetration is needed for natural production of plankton, which is the foundation of the bottom link in the aquatic food chain.  

Our professional process starts with you providing 2) 1 gallon samples in clear plastic water jug.  We use your water samples in a gypsum simulation test in order to determine feasibility and application rate.  Cost for the gypsum simulation water testing is $25.  Once the testing is complete, we provide a customized quote for purchase, delivery, and application of the product.  

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"The pond clarification was an amazing success.

I had never been able to catch a fish out of that pond. I guess the fish just couldn't see my lure. I always thought they could use their lateral lines to sense prey. Anyway, the first evening after treatment I fished it and caught eight very quickly. It was surprising that using one of those rooster tail jigs I caught bass, bluegill and even a channel cat! Even weirder, the fish were very pale, almost white! I guess with the water being so muddy they just didn't need pigmentation...weird.

I took a ton of pictures so if you want more or all of them let me know, I just don't want to overload your e-mail."