Professional Aquatic Vegetation Management

Does your lake or pond have problematic aquatic vegetation?  The first step in the development of a vegetation management plan is to first identify the species of vegetation.  We offer a free vegetation identification service: simply pull a sample from the water, take some good close-up pics of your vegetation sample, and text those pics to 979-571-9481.  We will reply with vegetation identification and options for control.

Solutions to aquatic vegetation problems are often very complicated and dynamic, involving factors such as vegetation type, water exchange rate, growing season, secondary infestations, dissolved oxygen crashes, water visibility, plankton blooms, etc.  Therefore, we recommend you consult with a qualified field biologist for a management plan that considers integrated pest management (IPM) options like biological control, mechanical control, chemical control, and environmental control.  At Overton Fisheries, Inc, we are licensed by the TDA as a pesticide dealer,  licensed by TPWD for culture and sale of exotics like grass carp and mozambique tilapia, educated at Texas A&M University, and experienced with of vegetation problems across the state.