Fat Bass Fish Feeders

Fat Bass Aluminum Automatic Floating Fish Feeder

The Fat Bass Feeder is made from all welded aluminum construction with a simple, single motor scatter mechanism that works every time.  The lightweight, powdercoated aluminum body and floats with all stainless steel hardware give you a rust free feeder that will outlast any other floating feeder on the market.  The entire feeding mechanism can be removed by taking out only three bolts for easy maintenance.  The unit features a strong 1/4 inch shaft 12 volt motor that scatters over 2.5 pounds of feed in a 5 second duration.  This unique design consumes little energy to put food in the water, which diminishes problems with motor wear and battery fatique.  Also, since our feeder floats out in the pond, gone are the problems with wasted feed on the ground and feeder flooding.
The Fat Bass feeder comes standard with a 12 volt rechargeable battery, varmit guard, solar panel and programmable timer.  It has a 100 lb. floating fish feed capacity and the entire feeding mechanism is protected inside the feeder.  All seams are welded, forming a leak proof feed hopper. The four float design ensures stability even in the strongest storms.  An optional remote control makes feeding on demand as easy as pushing a button.
Another key feature is the versatility of placing your Fat Bass Feeder.  With our simple "Weighted Loop" anchor setup, filling your feeder is quick and easy. You can set it up on pull into the shoreline or up to your dock.  For remote locations you can attach a weight to the included center swivel and fill the feeder from a boat.  This is ideal for adding multiple feeders to large lakes with limited bank access.



Fat Bass Fish Feeder Pricing

Fat Bass Feeder
$1,295 plus shipping
Remote Control
$159 plus shipping

Weighted Loop Anchor Kit
$89 plus shipping

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