Vertex Fountains & Aeration Systems

Vertex Fountains & Aeration Systems

Vertex Aeration Systems

Vertex aeration systems consist of an air compressor that delivers air to the lake or pond bottom for very efficient airlift circulation and destratification.  These high-quality diffused air systems are a great choice for de-stratification of pond/lakes with 8 feet+ water depth.   Please call or email for pricing information.  

The Air Station

  • Self-cleaning discs for maintenance-free operation, no acid cleaning required
  • 5-year no questions warranty
  • Industry leading design produces the largest lifting column per cfm in the industry
  • MicronBubble technology for highest oxygen transfer efficiency and lifting rates
  • Longer compressor life through lower diffuser backpressure
  • Not damaged or fouled by extreme pH levels
  • Self-weighted base design -- no antiquated brick weighting
  • Base sinks upright every time
  • Unique lipped base prevents settling into bottom sediments

The Cabinet

  • Lifetime warranty against rust
  • Powdercoated aluminum construction
  • Class A GFCI protection
  • Forced ventilation design for cooler, quieter operation
  • Integral cooling fans for longer compressor life: Up to 290 CFM
  • Oversized, angled opening for easy access to components
  • Barrell lock standard for increased security

The Tubing

  • Self-weighted: no labor-intensive bricks & ties required every few feet
  • Super flexible under the coldest conditions
  • Less expensive than other weighted tubing
  • Durable PVC composite construction -- no lead weighting in the water
  • Rugged 1/4" thick wall diameter -- will not kink, fish-hook resistant

Air 1 System: Ponds up to 2 Acres

Air 1 Plus System: Better Coverage up to 2 Acres

Air 2 System: Ponds up to 3 Acres

Air 3 System: Ponds up to 4 Acres

Air 4 System: Ponds up to 7 Acres

Air 5 System: Ponds up to 9 Acres

Air 6 System: Lakes up to 10 Acres

Air 7 System: Lakes up to 11 Acres