Aquatic Fertilizer, Herbicides, Rotenone. 

Pond and Lake Fertilizer 

Ideal visibility from plankton abundance in fertilized waters should be in the range of 18"-24".   Excessively clear water is not necessarily beneficial in a fish pond, because it can lead to nuisance vegetation growth. But ponds and lakes with clear water can be fertilized to decrease visibility (sunlight penetration), increase plankton abundance, and optimize production potential.   Ponds and lakes with muddy water are not considered candidates for fertilization programs until they are cleared up. In addition, ponds or lakes with existing aquatic vegetation may require control measures before fertilizer should be applied.  We sell aquatic grade water soluble 12-61-0 composition fertilizer. Treatment rate is 4-8lbs per surface acre, per application, as needed to maintain 18"-24" plankton bloom visibility.

Aquatic Use Fertilizer for plankton bloom stimulation.  12-61-0 Trophy Maker Fertilizer.  $49.50 per 25 lb bag. 


Aquatic Herbicides - Available for purchase without a private applicators license.  

Cutrine-Plus.  1 Gallon Jugs.  Treats filamentous and planktonic algae, as well as some types of macrophytes. $39.50 per 1 gallon.  



Cutrine-Plus Granular.  30b Bags.  Treats filamentous and planktonic algae, as well as some types of macrophytes.  $95 per 30 lb. bag.  



Renovate OTF.  Treats a variety of different types of aquatic vegetation.  $195 per 40 lb. bag. 



Reward. 2.5 Gallon Jugs.  Treats a very broad spectrum of vegetation and algae.  $249 per 2.5 gallon jug.  



Polaris.  Broad spectrum systemic aquatic and/or terrestrial use herbicide.  Use with Activate-Plus.  $79 per quart, $249 per 2.5 gallon jug

Activate-Plus.  Non-Ionic Surfactant for use along with some herbicides.  $39 per 1 gallon jug.  



Sonar Genesis.  A very safe and effective broad-spectrum aquatic herbicide.  $349 per 1 gallon jug.  Other specialty Sonar Products also available.  Contact us for details.



Rotenone - For Renovation of Lakes and Ponds 

Rotenone is a restricted use fish toxicant used for removal of unwanted or undesirable fish such.  In some cases, we recommend the use of Rotenone to essentially "Start-Over."  You need a private pesticide applicator license in order to purchase this product.  

Rotenone.  $125 per 1 gallon jug.