Texas Fishing Forum Speaks For Our Fish

"We had 100% survival with coppernose bluegill we picked up Wednesday afternoon. All were in great shape and quickly headed for the grass, brush and deeper water when released. Some of them may have met a bass or two by now but we got all of the 500 3"-6" fish into the lake in great shape. Next spring if things go well I hope to add some tilapia to the food chain."
Thanks again for your help,
Coach Ray Biles
Lorena, Texas 

“I just wanted to drop you this note to let you know that all the fish made it to their new home in Prosper in great condition.  I want to thank you for your efforts in filling my custom order.  As usual your fish were in excellent shape and they transported well due to the special care you take in preparing them for shipment.  I think all the fish made it just fine.  However, I think there were three or four of the fathead minnows that died in transit.  But I guess three or four minnows out of ten pounds is a pretty good ratio.  Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service.  I appreciate all that you do to help me get my pond in shape to allow those grandsons an opportunity to have a great time fishing when they come to visit.”
  -- Charlie & Kathy Jasper 

“I must say when I was on my lake this past weekend I was very satisfied with the vegetation kill. I was able to run my boat over the lake with very little vegetation interference.  Overall, the lake looks as good as it has been since we have owned it.  Thanks for your professional care of our lake and fish.”

-- John Bentley, Montague Texas

“I love my new EZdocks at Swank Farm. Yesterday evening at sunset I sat on the bench of the first dock you installed and drank a beer while listening to the water run out the spill pipe, very peaceful. It was wonderful watching the fish feed and enjoying the sounds of nature. I know I will get many years of maintenance free enjoyment out of EZdocks, which make the price a great deal. This cost savings over time and the useful life should be part of the sales pitch which should attract older clients who do not want maintenance problems as they age.”

-- John Swank, Fairfield, TX

"Todd stocked a small private lake (about 6 or 7 acres) for me a little over a year ago with bluegill and fathead minnows. He came back with bass (Florida & Northern) and channel catfish in June. Following his recommendations they have shown good growth. I am very pleased with his service and knowledge and plan to continue to seek his advice."

-- Warren Awalt, 
Fairfield, Texas 75840

"Thanks to Todd's superb assessment and management program, what was essentially a dead tank is now a genuine fishing hole! Very professional and very pleasant professional relationship."

-- John Toler, JCN Ranch, 2517 State Hwy 31, Hubbard, Texas 76648

“Thought you might be interested in the size of the blues I bought about a year and half ago. I can't believe how big they have gotten, at least this one. I have been seeing two really big ones when I was feeding, but I only thought they were around five pounds, this one is almost 15
lbs and the biggest ones we stocked were around 2 lbs. 
Good fish, good advice plus good feed and aeration equal great results. Thanks again for all your help, and I will see you next spring.”
-- Billy Elmore - General Manager|281 445 9021 x101|Nicol Scales LP - ISO 17025

"I am addicted to stocking my pond with fish. My pond is now in its third year and I have stocked it six different times. I must confess that stocking my pond brings me great joy and happiness. Is there anyone that can relate to this? Is there really any long-term mental damage to overstocking? Can someone point me in the right direction for fish stocking anonymous before I stock it again? I think I'll go see Todd Overton next week instead."

-- James Holt

“Receptive to new ideas and special requests by customers for products and services.
Outstanding facility – good honest folks to do business with."

-- George Glazener 2409 Briarwood Dr. Plano, TX 75074 N.E. Texas ¼ acre and 2 acre ponds

"If you are having problems with your lake, Overton Fisheries does hands-on evaluation of your lake and gives you different options to choose from to meet your needs. They are very courteous, friendly and helpful and I highly recommend Todd and his staff for all your aquatic needs."

-- Sherry Tubbs 1999 W FM 321 Montalba, Texas 75853

"I manage 7 ponds that total more than 27 acres in Eastland County. Overton
Fisheries has supplied Hybrid Striped Bass, Flordia Bass and F1 Bass. The fish and advise
have been excellent and I would recommend them to any pond manager."

-- David Jennings 119 Allie Court Weatherford, Tx 76087

"3 Lakes Ranch (70 acres), Winchester TX. We have 4 ponds, Largest being over 2 acres with a 200# feeder on it. , We also have 1 -1acre pond, 1- 1 ½ acre pond with a 200# feeder, and 1 – ½ acre pond with a 75# feeder on it. All fish and feeders were purchased through Todd. Todd is very knowledgeable/helpful and his products and services are top notch! I will be contacting Todd this spring, and will continue to use his services in the future."
-- Christopher Simpson, Farm Credit Bank of Texas - 10th District Technical Coordinator I

"From the inception of contacting them some 3 years ago to kill off my small pond and restock with game fish, the Overton Fisheries team were honest, professional and extremely knowledgeable in what they do. As a result of their guidance and efforts, we now enjoy catching the fruits of our labor, which are bass up to 3 lbs, channel catfish up to 6 lbs and bream the size of one's hand! I could not recommend them more highly for their services and excellent fish stock. They do it right the first time!"

-- Bob Emison, Buffalo, Texas

"It is good to find a firm that is knowledgeable and professional. Overton Fisheries is both."

-- Don Wilmot, Redtail Ranch 195 Pecan Acres, Argyle Texas 76226 2 acre

"To anyone that wants and great fishing hole, I recommend Todd Overton! He really got us off to a great start with a new pond. All species are doing well. We are looking forward to fishing this spring. Todd really knows his trade and has been very helpful in all areas. We plan to have him do another pond for us this spring."

-- Steve Shipley

"We have been doing business with Todd for several years now & he always provides top-notch professional service for us. I am glad to be a reference for Overton Fisheries since we have always been extremely pleased with their work."

-- Jim & Brenda Bothwell - Lake Gig 'Em - 20 acres - Anderson County, TX 
6701 Gleneagles Drive 
Tyler, TX 75703

"I was impressed with the detailed technical information provided by Todd, learning not only what to do but why we should be doing it."

-- Freddie J Williams
8747 FM 455
Montague, Texas 76251
3.25 acre lake

“I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner to express my appreciation for you professionalism and more importantly the quality of the fish I purchased from you. When I started building my ponds, one of my concerns was what to stock and how many. After talking to you I felt pretty good about the mix of fish (minnows, Blue Gills, followed by Bass), but my major concern was getting them from your farm to my ponds in Dripping Springs, a three-hour drive. On both trips, and considering the hundreds of fish purchased, I only had one small Bluegill die. Pretty amazing. I just fished the pond this past weekend, some of the fish have been in the pond for 12 months and others about 6 months, and caught fish on about every third cast. What fun! The second pond will be ready to stock this fall (if we ever get rain) and there is only one place to get the fish – Overton’s. Thanks for helping me with this project. I would readily recommend you to anyone that asks.”
--Jim Dufner

"I have a seven acre lake in Henderson county stocked for bass fishing. Todd has been a big part in making my lake a much better fishery. He is a patient, knowledgeable, and beneficial resource.
--Bill Putnam ([email protected])"

“An experience at Overton's will spoil a guy rotten, Todd is a great guy, despite being an Aggie. I like the way he takes time to chat, he freely lends professional advice until all your questions are answered. Heck, he once gave me "free", a pound of threadfin shad in oxygen as an experiment on a 4 hour trip to my pond, they were alive when I arrived, and spawned that same year.”
"Eastland" -- Pond Boss Forum Member

“Todd obviously knows how to treat his customers! Only met him once and he was a super guy to talk to!”
-- Cecil Baird -- Indiana -- Fish Farmer Extraordinaire