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Pure Florida Brood Stock Minimize
Todd Overton with pure Florida brood stock female; stocking broodstock for 2011 fingerling production.    
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Pure Florida Bass
Stock pure strain florida largemouth bass for the potential to grow monsters.  
Northern Largemouth Bass Fingerlings
Northern largemouth bass should be stocked in lakes and ponds where high catch rates take priority over trophy bass production.  Northern bass can grow 2-3lbs per year with adequate forage, and can reach maximum sizes of just less than 10lbs.  
F1 Hybrid Tiger Bass 
We've discontinued the sale of F1 Tiger Bass, the cross between Florida and Northern strains,  due to mounting evidence of the detrimental effects of "outbreeding depression."  Another Link
Adult Pellet-trained Northern Largemouth Bass 
Northern bass are available as advanced size fingerlings and adult 1-2lb fish, trained to consume a high protein floating fish food pellet.  You can stock these and grow them up to the 3-5lb range on 1/4" high protein Cargill Aquafeed.
Adult Florida Bass
Adult Florida bass are available as 1-2lb in limited quantities to clients involved in an active fishery management program.  Although these are not pure Florida genetics, they are taken from private fisheries where Florida genetics have been stocked and big fish have been produced.     
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