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Believe it or not, crappie are also members of the sunfish family. These fish nest in the early spring, before largemouth bass or bluegill. This is the main reason, in light of the fact that crappie produce a significant number of offspring, that crappie are not recommended in lakes smaller than 10-15 acres in size. Crappie fingerlings, being the first to hatch off in the early spring, happen to be hungry and waiting when other fish begin to spawn. So crappie typically out-compete bass, for example, when they are stocked together in small ponds. Black crappie are attracted to submerged brush and trees and generally travel in schools. Spawning is often in open water, typically over mud, sand or gravel bottoms. Males guard the nest, and young after the eggs hatch. Generally mature in second or third year of life, rarely live more than 6 to 7 years. If you would like to stock crappie in a new or existing fishery, please seek our professional advice first. We can help you with a customized plan for optimal forage production and minimization of the crappie population over time. Stocking rate is typically 50-300 per acre.

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