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Pond and Lake Fertilizer

Ideal visibility or turbidity readings in fertile waters should be in the range of 18"-24", as regulated by plankton density.  Clear water is not necessarily beneficial in a fish pond, because it can lead to nuisance vegetation growth.  But ponds and lakes with clear water can be fertilized to decrease visibility (sunlight penetration), increase plankton abundance, and optimize production potential of a given fishery.  Ponds and lakes with muddy water are not considered candidates for fertilization programs until they are cleared up.  In addition, ponds or lakes with existing aquatic vegetation may require control measures before fertilizer should be applied.  The light green tint as shown in the attached picture describes an ideal plankton "bloom."  We sell "Thrive" aquatic grade water soluble 12-61-0 composition fertilizer.  Treatment rate is 4-8lbs per surface acre, per application, as needed to maintain 18"-24" plankton bloom visibility.  

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Pond and Lake Fertilizer

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