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Bulk Agricultural Lime Minimize

Bulk Agricultural Lime

Besides offering complete delivery and application of lime for our customers on a bid basis, Overton Fisheries offers bulk lime for smaller jobs.  This product is in stock in 1 ton lots and  picked up here at the farm.  Lime can be used to improve the water quality of ponds and lakes in which the alkanity is below 20 ppm.  We also provide water quality testing services and complete lake and pond management. 


Bulk Gypsum Minimize

Bulk Gypsum Minimize

We stock and apply Gypsum to clear muddy ponds, reservoirs, and lakes. This product consists of hydrated calcium sulfate, a finely ground gypsum powder that dissolves in water. Clay particles that contribute to muddy water may stay suspended indefinitely (without manipulation) in some ponds due to the chemical properties of soft water.  The solution in these cases may involve the addition of powdered gypsum.  When applied to muddy water in adequate quantities and with the correct technique, the positively charged calcium in gypsum will bind with negatively charged clay particles and cause them to settle, and essentially clear your pond water.  Other factors that contribute to muddy water include, but are not limited to soil composition, pond bank and shoreline erosion and exposed clay soil, presence of waterfowl like ducks and geese, livestock watering, numbers and types of fish species present, water depth and shoreline slope, water hardness, and turbid runoff from outside sources.  

Overton Fisheries offers bulk gypsum delivery and application on a custom basis..  We also offer bulk gypsum to our customers for any small jobs picked up at the fish farm.  

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