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Why You Should Buy From Overton Fisheries!
Here is why you should buy from us...  
Aquaponic Grow Media - 5/8" Expanded Shale
We are offering 5/8" pH Neutral Expanded Shale in bulk at the fish farm.  Cost is $100 per 1/2 cubic yard (~750lbs), or $195 per cubic yard (~1500lbs).  One Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet.  1 Cubic Ft = ~ 50lbs of Expanded Shale (variable due to moisture content).    

Lake Management Services

Complete lake management requires a thorough evaluation of your lake including analyzing all fish populations present.  Overton Fisheries utilizes a Smith-Root electrofishing boat and the latest technology to provide this quality service for our customers.  Contact us for more information on scheduling and booking a lake survey including a complete lake management report.  

Lake and Pond Dock Systems

Overton Fisheries is an authorized dealer for EZ Dock of Texas.  This is one of the premier lines of polyethylene modular docking systems available.   You can rest assured that you will not be heading to the lake to "fix the dock".  Enjoy years of use with a quality product on your lake or pond.  We offer complete installation and each dock can be assembled to your specifications.  Please check them out  - Lake and Pond Docks under our Products Section.

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Genetics - It's all about the Genetics

Overton Fisheries takes great pride in their efforts to produce exceptional pure breed stock. Whether is it Florida Bass, Mozambique Tilapia, Coppernose Bluegill, or Blue Catfish, our customers can rest assured that they are receiving high quality stock.    Please visit our Genetics tab and then the unique stock that is developed and produced here.  High quality, pure breed stocker fish perform better for the grower and for the consumer.  


Genetics - It's all about the Genetics


Overton Fisheries Contacts

Todd Overton - 903-322-2626 office (cell 979-571-9481)

Clint Wilson - (cell 979-820-1965)

Walt Overton, North Texas - (cell 940-531-2476) 


Hybrid Stripers Feeding
Check out our new video of Glazener
Hybrid Stripers Coppernose Bluegill Feeding on pellets!!!
Located in our tab under Glazener 
Hybrid Stripers.  

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Overton Fisheries, Inc., I-45 Buffalo TX, is an Aggie-owned & operated working fish farm & hatchery with a unique open-air live stocker-fish market.  We offer exceptional variety of high-quality stocker & aquaponics fish for pick-up at the farm or direct-delivery.  We also provide industry-tested fishery management products & full-service lake & pond management.  Authorized EZ Dock Dealer.  Texas Hunter Feeders, Cargill Fish Food, Electrofishing, Bulk Lime & Gypsum. Unique Fish: Florida Largemouth Bass, D&B Blue Catfish, Mozambique Tilapia, OTS Coppernose Bluegill, Glazener Hybrid Stripers. Convenient Location on I-45 Between Dallas & Houston, Friendly & Experienced Staff, Since 1998.  We invite you to take a look at the website or contact us at (903) 322-2626.

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